Two Thumbs Up to Koush

I just installed & tweeked Koush's Cyanogen Mod 9 alpha 11 for my Nexus S running Ice Cream Sandwich from AOSP. You can read his original message on the XDA forums.

For an engineering build it's running quite smoothly. I'm certainly looking forward to mirroring his git and building a userdebug variant. Typically this speeds up most aspects of the UI and other software since debug messages are less frequent.

A few pointers:

  • If you feel that the boot animation is continuing infinitely, you probably forgot to erase the data partition (I did, originally)
  • If you like Google Car Home, which is a great home-replacement while driving, then install it manually from a backed-up apk and install the 3rd party Car Mode Control app. The original google car home will install, but it is claimed not to work with ICS and does not show up in the launcher so there is no way to use it unless Car Mode Control is installed.
  • If you encounter "Unfortunately, Google TTS Engine has stopped" Select PicoTTS to get Navigation and My Tracks to work.


An Update

Just to dispel any confusion that might arise if people google me to dig up 'dirt'.

Yes, I am in fact single again. Yes, there may be photos of me & my ex floating around on the interwebs that seem to be very recent - and they are! I only did become single again recently, and it was a bit sudden for me too!

So is life, however, and it does go on, as they say.

It's actually really surprising how little I'm blogging these days, with the major shift changing from blogging to micro-blogging via Twitter, FaceBook, and Google+ . Sorry if I haven't been terribly vocal.

Just thought I would post an update.