All I Want for Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time for me. Mainly because it involves transporting myself back home, and doing last minute Christmas shopping. For the last two years that's involved taking a last minute flight over the Atlantic. I haven't had very much time to get a haircut, let alone go Christmas shopping. I wish I could say that I've been thinking about giving gifts all year, and figured-out exactly the right gift to give to each of my relatives. The truth is, I haven't.

Mainly during the times when I've been a student, I haven't found the excitement over giving or receiving gifts at Christmas. Maybe that's because I've been historically fairly broke for the holidays, or maybe it's because I've gone through the entire year without any major hankerings because I've been too busy! Who knows. I usually get more excited when I give gifts.

While I've been a student, I find it great just having an excuse and having the ability to get together with family in mass quantities for the holidays ;-)

With a new baby on the way in May, I'm sure that many of my relatives will be giving me lots of 'stuff' for Christmas. I assure you, I will very likely have no place to put anything, and I definitely will not be bringing anything with me back to Germany. Maybe hold off on the 'stuff' buying until March or so. As it stands, I have 3 good suitcases full of 'stuff' that I will need to somehow transport back to Canada before March. I would also have no place to put it in Canada and my storage space there is already aux gratis and running out.

This year, the only gifts I would imagine receiving are small chunks of money that I would hope to put toward an education fund for our new arrival in May.

And maybe a video collection of works by Bob Ross :) I've always thought his show was super relaxing to watch.

And now, back to the joy of programming :)

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