Vuze-bin Overlay for the Gentoo Community

I thought I'd make my Vuze ebuild available to the rest of the world. Vuze (formerly Azureus before version is the name of a pretty great Java BitTorrent client. This overlay contains ebuilds, launchers, and .desktop entries file for installing vuze-bin- and vuze-bin- .

Download the overlay here

Don't forget to check the md5sum with 'md5sum vuze_overlay.tar.bz2'. The md5 sum should be 9fc2955cb63a1404f1a35643b38d8085.

To install vuze-bin you have two options,

1) If you are not using layman

mkdir -p /usr/local/portage/vuze_overlay && \
wget -O - http://virtb.visibleassets.com:2080/vuze_overlay.tar.bz2 | \
tar xpvjf - -C /usr/local/portage/vuze_overlay
&& \
PORTDIR_OVERLAY=/usr/local/portage/vuze_overlay \
emerge -av1 vuze-bin
2) If you're using layman (thanks to Donnie Berkholz)
layman -o http://virtb.visibleassets.com:2080/layman.conf -a vuze-bin



Donnie Berkholz said...

It would be awesome if you provided a layman config file and just gave people the command to run layman to add your overlay.

Ivan Dives said...

Great one, thanks.

Christopher Friedt said...

You're welcome!

I would gladly make a layman .config but I have no idea on how to go about doing that.

I've never used layman, although I would imagine that it would be fairly easy, no?

I've updated the
bugzilla page.

Donnie Berkholz said...

You post a config file somewhere on the Net in layman's XML format. Then people install & configure layman, and run this:

layman -o http://foo.com/layman.xml -a your-overlay-name

That easy, they've got the overlay downloaded and accessible on their systems.

Look at http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/overlays/layman-global.txt for the format.

Christopher Friedt said...

Hmm... I tried creating a layman.conf file, but I think that layman is limited to using svn, git, or rsync protocols, and I have none of those services running on my server. I think having submitted the ebuild to Gentoo Bug #229061 might be as far as I go.

Donnie Berkholz said...

It actually supports tarballs. Look at the entry for dma147 in that file I linked.

Christopher Friedt said...


* stable ebuilds for vuze-bin- & vuze-bin-
* New & improved ebuilds install native swt-gtk binaries and supplies vuze swt.library.path
* The Layman config file can be found here. Just add that URL a line underneath the existing 'overlays' variable in /etc/layman/layman.cfg.

Donnie Berkholz said...

Sweet! Here's how I did it automatically without editing any files:

layman -o http://virtb.visibleassets.com:2080/layman.conf -L
(saw vuze-bin)
layman -o http://virtb.visibleassets.com:2080/layman.conf -a vuze-bin

ukjohnd said...

Fantastic thanks Christopher works perfectly for me.