Bundled Libraries in XBMC and Boxee

Recently, I became interested in building Boxee and XBMC and so I wrote up a quick ebuild, as I usually do with packages that I like to build. Incidentally, this happened on the same day that Mike Frysinger (a.k.a. vapier) submitted the media-tv/xbmc-9999 ebuild to the portage tree. A couple of bugs quickly arose, namely #198849, in which there was mention of this post by Diego (a.k.a flameeyes) where he warns about the use of bundled libraries.

Now, first of all, the term 'bundling a library' refers to the act of taking a snapshot of the source code of an open-source library, e.g. a jpeg library, and building it in to a separate application. While the separate application is in development, the original source code branch of the jpeg library could evolve and it could cover up vulnerabilities, etc, while the snapshot of the jpeg library used in the application is not updated. Bundling libraries is essentially 'forking' the project. Diego mentions that there are several reasons not to do this, including security reasons.

However, my main argument against bundling libraries, is that
bundling libraries makes tracking changes very, very, very difficult!
New applications may very well feel that it is necessary to bundle applications at the beginning of the project to avoid breakage due to API changes, and that has some merit. However, I would like to stress, that one of the initial goals of a new open-source project should be to remove those bundled libraries, and isolate which versions of external software packages are required. When that is done, changes can be made much, much easier and incrementally, making only tiny ripples in the 'dependency pond' as opposed to large waves.

When a project gets to be as large as Boxee, having a dozen or more bundled libraries, at a point in it's development cycle that is so close to a major release, the job of reducing and upstreaming the respective changesets of each individual bundled library becomes enormous. I can say, honestly, because I am currently packaging both XBMC and Boxee, is that it is ugly, and I don't want to be stuck with the job of committing upstream changesets. Furthermore, XBMC / Boxee will not achieve an acceptible, stable state in the portage tree by Gentoo (and potentially other distros) until they stop bundling libraries.

My advice to the maintainers of these projects is to 'prune' their trees one-bundled-library at-a-time. Please help to reduce package maintainer headaches.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that one of the XBMC devs is working on moving as many dependencies as possible, to external libraries.


Christopher Friedt said...

That's very good to hear!