Linux.com To Re-launch Under New Ownership

If you don't already know, Linux.com was purchased recently by the Linux Foundation, and it's in preparation stages for a grand re-launch.

I'm guessing that this will tie in somehow with the best of the We're Linux Video Contest, which aims to make yet another spoof on the I'm a Mac ads. Incidentally, I really thought that the BSD spoof was the best, because it's so close to how BSD geeks actually react.

I'm going tangential again, sorry. Back to Linux.com.

So what makes the re-launch incredible is that the site will be, just like the Linux kernel, community-driven. The IdeaForge is currently accepting content proposals (registration required). Some examples include, your_name@linux.com email addresses with blogging service, and my own personal idea - a Linux porting guide for the ARM architecture (think Android) !

Make your voice heard within the community and sign up!

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