Linux Foundation Video Contest ... Winner?

 Well, the Linux Foundation has released their winning video today...

Do I not sound impressed? Yeaaaa.....

I'm actually not that impressed. I have to admit, that I found the winning video to be very dull.  It overly simplifies Linux... actually... does it even mention Linux?? It doesn't highlight how Linux brings people together from all walks of life. It doesn't say how Linux runs on verything from toasters to supercomputers or that it runs on more devices than any other OS in the world.

Please also forgive me for saying this, but ... in the winning video, the narrator's voice silently screams "people who use Linux are geeks, and they can barely speak, much less maintain a complex body of software through social interaction!!" Man, the guy's voice reminds me of the one giving the Grails webinar... ugghh... and I don't have very fond memories about Grails.

I thought that some of the finalists were a little too light-hearted. Some of them were slightly spooky, but I would have thought that a quirky, funny, yet clever video would have snuck through to the end. Alas, I was wrong.

My 5 favourites were this, this, this, this, and this, in no specific order, if only because they captivated or identified with the audience somehow. I would have even preferred the Novell Meet Linux ads over the winner of the contest (Flame suit on!). I would have even preferred the TrueNuff spoof advertisements over the winner, in spite of not being pro-linux whatsoever.

They would have been better off showing a clip of somebody playing NumptyPhysics.

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