Samsung i7500 Galaxy from O2 Germany

I thought I would post a link I found to a PDF on O2's website that states what the price of the Samsung i7500 with Android. The flyer says that it will cost 367€ without a contract.

Check it out here. Some updates are on the O2Online.de blog, saying that it should be available either this week or next.

I hope I won't be out of luck if I ask for it with an english UI :)

Update: Nooooooo.... I was just checking out a youtube video preview of the i7500 and discovered a horrible design decision on the part of Samsung. In spite of having designed the  device with a 3.5mm audio jack (thank you Samsung!) they used one of those super annoying, hard-to-find, flat USB jacks.

The flat USB jacks are horrible and tend to break quite easily. It's also not saving any space as there is a huge 3.5mm jack directly beside it - the whole point of the flat USB connectors is that they're supposed to be used when thickness is an issue.

Read this, and just know that I'm shaking my head 'no' right now in disappointment.

Incidentally, has anyone found out of there is a regular Mini USB connector with the same pinouts as the flat type? I wouldn't mind just soldering out the old one and putting in a standard Mini USB jack.


Mr.DNA said...

Nice find. I have been searching for an official price announcement for weeks. Dugg!


Paul W said...

The "flat USB" socket is a Micro-USB socket. It's the new standard socket for mobile fones and it's doing a pretty good job of replacing all the old proprietary socket manufacturers used to use. The pins are pretty much exactly the same as USB.
As they become more widespread you'll see a lot more standard accesories, chargers etc available for this type of socket, so don't complain too much :-)

Christopher Friedt said...

@Paul W:

Honestly, I really don't see the point of yet another standardization of the USB connector just for mobile phones ... it sort of takes the 'Universal' out of USB.

In my opinion, USB is USB is USB, why the need for a different cable? For E.g. USB OTG it makes sense to me - it requires a separate conductor. Micro-USB just means I have to take yet another cable or adapter with me wherever I go, instead of just using the same one I use for any of my my other USB devices.

Christopher Friedt said...

The HTC Hero will likely be a serious competitor to the Samsung Galaxy... and the Hero has a better UI :)