Google Chrome Beta on Gentoo Linux

I had already tried the Google's Chrome browser (the developer edition was called Chromium) and thought it was great, aside from a few minor bugs. For  example, sometimes drop-down lists would not have any entries, the menu for the flash plugin would not respond, etc. It looks like yesterday, Google released a beta version for Linux that fixed several of the minor bugs that I noticed.

I modified an ebuild to download an install Chrome from the debian package. In any event, you can put it in your own portage overlay under www-client/google-chrome-bin/, and it should do the trick. You might have to add 'www-client/google-chrome-bin' to your /etc/portage/package.keywords file. To install Chrome, just run PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/path/to/my/portage/overlay" emerge -av google-chrome-bin.

Overall, the Chrome experience is quite good. It's very fast, and I haven't encountered any errors or bugs so far. Most pages render perfectly. You might also want to install FlashBlock.

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