Could Google's Nexus One be Available as Soon as January 5th?

Just as many of you have undoubtedly read, Google released a new handset before Christmas to all of its employees for testing. The device is called Nexus One. A decent video introduction can be found here. One thing to note is that the 3D gaming demo (2nd video) shows Qualcomm's logo, which leads me to believe that the Nexus One most likely packs a 1GHz Snapdragon SoC under the hood. I'm very interested to say the least and am eagerly awaiting the rumored January 5th release date.


Christopher Friedt said...

Well, it turns out I was right about the 1GHz Snapdragon SoC. You can read more live coverage about the launch here.

Christopher Friedt said...

You can buy the Nexus One today directly from Google, with or without plans.

I guess that we can now definitively call the Nexus One "the Google phone", since they're selling it on their own website.