Linux on the Nokia N8?

Incidentally, if there is anyone interested in hacking Linux (read Android, Angstrom, Gentoo, etc) onto the Nokia N8, please leave a comment below. Honestly, this is probably the best hardware I've yet seen (lacking noise-cancellation) for a potential hacker-friendly device. I am making the assumption now that Nokia used an OMAP3 with this device, which is probably the best SOC (in terms of Linux-hacker-friendliness) to date with freely available documentation.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that I'm not commenting on the Nokia N8. Have you given up on the linux port for the Motorola Q? I was just given one for free and was wondering if I could put Linux on it. The only thing I've seen is the OpenEZX wiki page which says there is no port unless you use Haret. I'm not embedded engr but I do know some things about Linux.

Christopher Friedt said...

Hi Anonymous,

I haven't yet given up on my port to the Motorola Q, I just haven't had a shred of time to work on anything on a volounteer basis for the last several months. I do have a few people interested in coding / testing, but its probably too early for any end-user-type people to be involved.

Drop me an email if you're interested in testing / coding when it is ready. chrisfriedt@gmail.com

Christopher Friedt said...

Just when I thought I was up-to-speed with the latest from Nokia. Allegedly they're releasing a new device called the N9 that is supposed to be the successor of the N900. The N9 seems to be the perfect comprimise between the N900 and N8. The advantage w.r.t. the N900 is that there's a multitouch screen, while the disadvantage w.r.t. the N8 is that it "only" has an 8MP camera versus 12MP. That's more than enough for me ;-)

In terms of hackability, it will likely be much easier to hack a custom Linux installation onto a device that is already running Linux, versus a Symbian device, so I think my mind is made up. I'm waiting for the N9.

BILL said...

I plan to buy the N8 to combine the all in one devide features.

One of the feature I want to use is to boot a PC OS ( debian) on the N8 or through a usb drive put in its mini usb port if the system allows me to boot on other thing than Symbian 3.

Christopher Friedt said...

Update: I really like the Samsung Galaxy S (the original with a secondary front-facing camera). Docs are open (according to Harald Welte)... although I'm not sure if that includes anything about the 3D accelerator.

intruso2200@hotmail.com said...

Hi, i'm from argentina. and i am very interested about use a linux in my n8, send me an e-mail.