The End of an Era

Today I arrived at my office (which just happens to be wherever I sit down with my notebook), and was quite contented to read that Linus has seemingly decided to move on to the next major version change. This will probably also include a change in the numbering system that is currently used for kernal releases, much to the appeal of GregKH.

I have been using Linux since around the 2.2 days, and have been actively hacking / employed with Linux related projects on various architectures with both the 2.4 and 2.6 kernels. I guess you could say that I have Linus and many other kernel, arch, & subsystem maintainers to thank for that.
Sentimentally speaking, I find it immensely cool that I am currently writing this blog post using a phone running Linux/Android released by a company that leveraged the power of Linux for a significant part of their commercial success. If anyone is wondering, the phone is a Nexus S and the company is Google.

Here's to all Linux hackers, wherever your workstations may be.

update-20110529: 3.0!

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