Two Jedi-Fu Links for Installing Gentoo Quickly

  1. Install LiveDVD to Hard Drive
    (works with 12.1 too)
  2. Remove Pam
    (so passwordless root logins over SSH work)
    (I typically use this for VMs when hacking Gentoo-ish stuff)
    (... this is not the IP address you're looking for...)


Christopher Friedt said...

Incidentally, to enable passwordless ssh, you would also need to
1) run 'passwd' as root and set the root password to nothing
2) edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config appropriately

Christopher Friedt said...

It seems as though the "Remove PAM" website has disappeared.

To remove PAM, I use the following procedure:

1) edit /etc/portage/make.conf and change USE="... pam ..." to USE="... -pam ..."
2) emerge -1 --nodeps shadow
3) emerge -C pambase
4) emerge -av1 --nodeps $(equery -q h pam | sed -e "s|\(.*\)|>=\1|g")

Works for me. YMMV. Keep yer stick on the ice.