Julien Updates

Yesterday, Erin, Bo, Julien & myself had a nice long day at various doctor's offices. First thing in the morning we went to Dr. Shine's office and he said that Erin still isn't dilating, so we booked an appointment to have Julien induced next Monday. Then we went to the women's pavilion at St. Mary's and waited around for a while to get a stress test done on Julien & Erin. The test checks the baby's heart rate, movement and Erin's contractions. The baby showed textbook-perfect patterns for his heart rate, so we know that he's doing well and he's healthy and comfortable. On the other hand, Erin still hasn't had any contractions that she's noticed. So since Julien is already 4 days late, and it's bad if the baby is any more than 2 weeks late, and we can only book induction mondays or wednesdays, we thought it was probably safer than not to book it for next monday. I'll have more updates later on.

Today for lunch Erin & I are going to pick up some peppermint & tarragon for the planters on our balcony. So far, we have basil, greek oregano, spearmint, savory, and rosemary. On the weekend we also picked up a set of chairs and table for the front balcony and a couple of reclining / folding chairs for the back balcony (or for taking into the park).
I'll put up some photos eventually of the front balcony with a view of the park & our little hanging garden at some point.


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