Suggestions for Future OpenMoko Device

I love my FreeRunner as much as the next guy. The truth is, though, that there are some serious improvements that could be made to the OpenMoko hardware - some purely for usability, and some to fix a couple of plaguing, nasty bugs. The suggestions below would really turn something like the FreeRunner into a truly portable computing device - not just another iPhone clone.

I've collected a few of my own suggestions below
  • use capacitive instead of resistive touch-screen (for multi-touch gestures)
  • switch to a newer generation SoC, such as the Qualcomm MSM7200A
    • newer ARM ISA (e.g. enhanced, jazelle, dsp, etc)
    • integrated video codec (ditch the Glamo)
    • integrated 3D graphics (again, ditch the Glamo)
    • integrated GPS receiver - just needs internal antenna
  • get rid of external GPS antenna connector (use internal instead)
  • add dedicated power connector (e.g. Nokia 6620)
    • built-in circuitry for 'software-free' battery charging (see discharged battery bug)
    • support charging from 1st USB if dedicated power supply is absent (1st port should be USB OTG)
  • add 2nd USB for use as dedicated host port
  • add a mini-dvi video output
  • add an ambient light sensor (auto backlight control in software)
  • a 5MP photo / video camera and 1.3MP camera for video chat.
A couple of incidentals 1) switch to using 100% recycled materials for the casing, if it already isn't, 2) use AMOLED display technology to prolong battery life.


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