First 'blogger' entry

"Hello World!"
- anonymous programmer

It was a very hard decision, but I just decided to move my blog to a remote service. Formerly, I had done all of the web-hosting and setup of the blog engine myself from home, using no-ip.com's service and a linux box (www.perpetual-notion.myftp.org) - you wouldn't believe how easy that is. However, now that I'm living my digital life out of my laptop from virtually wherever I am in the world, I feel that having something static would probably be a much wiser idea.

I suppose that there are a few other methods I could have pursued, such as:

  1. Hacking the linksys router to incorporate a flash memory reader / writer
  2. Hacking the linksys router to incorporate a USB port / external hard disk
Aside from the possibility that I could wreck my Linksys router, or that the flash memory would die in a matter of months, or the hard drive would die because of the crappy external enclosures that I bought, I believe the university is blocking all incoming traffic on port 80 & 443 (http, https). Therefore hopes of hosting my own blog have been somewhat extinguished.

Eric had mentioned that I should continue with my blog, and I guess there are good grounds for that request (the primary reason being that I'm anti-social and don't call home nearly enough). In spite of my anti-social nature, I too sometimes feel somewhat disconnected from the rest of 'the world' back home.

Thus, I went with blogger.com Since Google already has the right to search through all of my email, I would imagine that they would love the opportunity to search through my blog postings as well. However this will probably also be an easier way to publish photos for everyone to see and also to get some feedback from my friends & family abroad.

My current method to communicate is skype, but mainly with Erin, and mailing photos as postcards by simply writing an address and fixing a stamp to the back - that's one of the best parts about digital photography (Erin is really a way better photographer than me, but I still like sending her pictures as postcards too ;-)).

In any event, I'll write something fairly soon so that you can all have some idea about what's happening in my life. That might be tomorrow, because I'm a bit busy with schoolwork and work tonight - I would have loved to go to the danish film that's playing at the university tonight, but I thought that travelling to an island and walking a kilometer out into the north sea was enough fun for one weekend!! heheeh...

ciao 4 now

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