Things on the To-Do List for work

I have to push a new filesystem and kernel, as well as installation instructions for work.

Currently, we're using the TS-7xxx boards, with a Cirrus EP93xx / ARM 920T processor, for our embedded devices. The trouble is, that the boards ship with a non-standard 2.4 kernel and the bloated glibc library. I've successfully compiled and installed the linux kernel as well as a uClibc userland for the boards, but now I'm in the process of working out bugs and installing other software that is necessary for the basic functionality of our boards.

  • Make nfs-mounting work on the boards (recompile uClibc with full RPC, and then busybox)
  • Build OpenVPN
  • Build an FTP service
  • Build JamVM
  • Copy over the GNU Classpath that we have
  • Build Avahi
  • (etc, etc)
You may have guessed that this isn't such a small job. Anyway, I'm going to try to do quite a bit of it today.


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