Progress with Work

I've accomplished several things for work - that is several programs compiled for my new uclibc root for the arm boards / TS-7xxx series - including

  • getting nfs-mounting to work
  • building / testing OpenVPN
  • building troll-ftpd (needs testing)
I've also started a document to release to the ts-7000 group on how to do this from scratch. The cool part is that all of the configuration data, patches, binpkgs, etc are simply stored in /tinygentoo/etc/portage /tinygentoo/etc/make.conf /usr/portage/local/overlay and /usr/portage/local/binpkgs.

Troll-ftpd was compiled all-right, but I can't sign in as root, even though I could with the TS distro. I think I might have to write another patch for ftpd.c so that it properly checks passwords without crypt().

I also re-built openssl, but it seems a little bit bloated with the gentoo installation, and with the new 'engines' structure. I'm hopefully going to get rid of all of that, because really, we don't need all of the ciphers and we definitely don't need any of the engines because we have absolutely no crypto-specific hardware. Have to figure out what's up with that, so i'm waiting to hear back on the openssl list.

Still need to create a custom ebuild for JamVM - or even get it to build for the arm under uClibc for that matter :p

Also need to create a custom ebuild for the GNU Classpath, considering 90% of it goes to waste on our boards (and it's just fat anyway).

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