BeagleBoard Notes

My BeagleBoard recently arrived from DigiKey and after resoldering an RS232 connector and downloading the binary images, I was good to go.

If you're planning on only using the BeagleBoard as a USB gadget, connected to a PC, where the PC acts as the USB master, then you do not need to worry about a USB Mini A cable.

If you would like to network the BeagleBoard and a PC through the USB OTG port, then a USB Mini A cable is not necessary. You would use a regular USB Mini B cable which is the type used for most digital cameras.

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GeorgeB said...

I recommend this enclosure for your beagleboard, http://www.specialcomp.com/beagleboard/index.htm . It keeps the chips crumbs off the board when you are working and it has that artsy look so you can impress your friends, technology you can see.

It needs a little tlc for for the audio connectors but otherwise it is well made.