Toolchain for the Neo FreeRunner

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it !?

Erin, Jules, & I were all quite busy over the last few weeks - we travelled all over the lower half of Ontario, and then went camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park & on Manintoulin Island.

(Note to self, make Google map containing a trail of our route + photos)

We're now back in Montreal, and it's pretty intense. I have 4 exams coming up in the next 3 weeks and will surely have my hands full for all of them. Hopefully the examination board at the Uni-Kiel allows me to write the exams remotely from Montreal, given my special circumstances (baby, f/t job, etc), so that I don't have an overly-demanding schedule when I return in March / April.

Soooo wie so, I was pleased to receive my new Neo FreeRunner mobile phone when I got back to Montreal. Last week I upgraded the firmware to om2008.8 which has a slick, webkit-based UI. After having used it for a week, I can honestly say that this guy will be the iPhone killer, for anyone who likes to do extreme things with mobile devices at least.

My EEE PC is doing very well, and another one is on the way for Erin. I was hoping that it would get here in time for her birthday, but it seems that there is an 8-10 week shipping delay from the Royal Bank!!! Daaaamn!!!

In a few days, I'm expecting to receive a BeagleBoard in the mail along with a 15.1" touchscreen panel - I can't wait ;-) Then is a cipherlabs 9400 handheld for industrial scanning. I'll be putting linux on that too.

I really have to say, though, that I'm really starting to feel the lack of a graphical package manager for Gentoo-based mobile devices. Seeing how it's my job now to implement a web-based, distributed (pushing) package management system, I don't think it will be very hard for me to implement a mobile (pulling / normal) graphical package manager.

There's another guy on the gentoo-embedded list from Portugal, named Ângelo (a.k.a. miknix), who is also aiming to do the same thing with the HTC Wizard (also a pretty sweet-looking handheld w/ integrated keyboard).

Anyway, if there are any Gentoo users out there who would like to download an i686-pc-linux-gnu -> armv4tl-softfloat-linux-gnueabi cross-toolchain suitable for OpenMoko cross-compilation, then check out my latest toolchain. Please don't forget to read the README file.

I guess the next cross toolchain I come up with will target the armv7a-c6x-linux-gnueabi BeagleBoard, which also happens to have Jazelle Technology (something I have wanted to experiment with for a while!).

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Christopher Friedt said...

Sigh ... it turns out that I won't be able to write any of the exams that I wanted to write this semester.

The professors on the examination board decided that it was not appropriate to write the exams remotely because the courses were not designed that way. I'm not entirely sure if I agree with that, because attending lectures / tutorials in Germany never really seemed beneficial to me in the first place. I always thought that I would do better if I tought myself.

I'm in Montreal for this year, which I'm taking on leave from my master's in Germany because Jules was born, but I was hoping to write at least a few exams so that my course load wouldn't be too heavy for when we all go back next year.

That might seem selfish, but it's really not if you consider that I have no fundng and work full time as well. I really just wanted to have a few nights to spend with my family per week by some of the exams out of the way now. Oh well, at least my thesis will (hopefully) be done ahead of time so that I don't need to stick around for my last semester.