Bin-Ebuilds for Grails, Groovy, Gant, & Eclipse-3.4

Eclipse-3.4 has been out for some time. Unfortunately, the Gentoo-Java maintainer was devaway for a while and couldn't make an ebuild to build Eclipse-3.4 from source. Hence Gentoo bug #229609.

I say "to hell with building Eclipse from source" ... especially not for me, being an EEE PC user :)

For those who would just like the binary package for Eclipse 3.4 (eclipse-sdk-bin), and for those who may also be interested in groovy-bin, grails-bin, or gant-bin, try this out:
echo "dev-portage/eclipse-sdk-bin" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
PORTAGE_BINHOST="http://virtb.visibleassets.com:2080/geeentoo/packages/All" \
FEATURES="getbinpkg" \
emerge -Kav1 =dev-util/eclipse-sdk-bin-3.4
For installing dev-java/grails-bin, dev-java/groovy-bin, or dev-java/gant-bin simply substitute the package name in the commands above.

Note: dev-java/grails-bin already contains precompiled Gant and Groovy jars, in order to run grails, but it doesn't support Groovy or Gant from the command line. If you need a command-line Groovy or Gant, then install groovy-bin or gant-bin as well.

As usual, you can download any of my Portage overlays with the command below (requires app-portage/layman).
layman -o http://virtb.visibleassets.com:2080/layman.conf -L -v --nocolor | less
Then use the '/' search function of the pager application 'less' to look for the string 'virtb' and you should be able to see my repositories. I guess for security purposes, and the fact that mine are not official gentoo overlays, they are not displayed by default unless you specify the '-v' option to layman.

You can add the overlay with
layman -o http://virtb.visibleassets.com:2080/layman.conf -a [overlayName]
Currently, overlayName can be one of "vuze-bin, eclipse, grails-groovy-gant, eee". If you'd like to check out any of my other overlays (mainly for ARM development), try using http://vaiprime.visibleassets.com/~cfriedt/layman.conf .

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