Debugging Groovy / Grails Apps in Eclipse

I finally found a page with some information on how to properly set up debugging in Eclipse for Groovy / Grails applications.

It was seriously painful to write a Grails app beforehand -  I hope this makes up for all of the time I've wasted restarting the app when I modified Service code.

Note to self:
  1. Try your damndest to get debugging in eclipse working
  2. Do more with Junit / Grails test cases
  3. If neither of those work - do it without Eclipse :)


Christopher Friedt said...

This does not work. At least not under Linux and the sun 1.6 jdk.

Christopher Friedt said...

Oh my! I can somehow magically set breakpoints!!! How did that happen!!??

I think it might have been because I'd reset the system VM to sun jdk instead of the bundled jre... really, I'm not quite sure...

Now I'll have to see if step-debugging works.