VAI Prime Overlays Accessible Via Layman

After making my vuze-bin overlay accessible via layman, I decided to apply the same approach to my ts72xx related overlays on VAI Prime.

You can see the overlays via layman with

layman -o http://vaiprime.visibleassets.com/~cfriedt/layman.conf -i [overlay-name]

So far, the available overlay-names are as follows:

  • jvmcp (Miniaturized Java environment suitable for the ts72xx boards)
    • custom JamVM (1.5.1)
    • custom GNU Classpath (0.97.1)
  • vai (mainly custom apps for the ts72xx)
    • custom JamVM (1.5.1)
    • custom GNU Classpath (0.97.1)
    • custom battery monitor
  • maverick (overlays necessary for creating a EABI/MaverickCrunch toolchain for the ts72xx)
    • patched binutils
    • patched gcc
    • patched crossdev
    • patched uclibc
  • ts72xx (overlay of applications for the ts72xx)
    • patched fastjar
    • patched busybox
    • patched screen
    • patched portage-utils
    • patched bash
    • patched java-config
    • patched jamvm
    • patched rxtx
    • patched ant-core
    • patched ant-eclipse-ecj
    • patched eclipse-ecj
    • patched gnu-classpath
    • patched mpfr
    • patched nfs-utils
    • patched libnfsidmap
    • patched openvpn
    • patched dropbear
    • patched wpa_supplicant
    • patched binutils (2.15)
    • patched gcc (3.4.6
    • patched db
    • patched psmisc
  • ts72xxtc (binary-compatible toolchain for factory TS filesystem)
    • patched glibc
    • patched linux-headers
It would probably be wise to move at least the binutils and gcc from ts72xx to ts27xxtc.

Anyway, check out the overlay with

layman -o http://vaiprime.visibleassets.com/~cfriedt/layman.conf

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