Geeentoo Binary Package Repository

If anyone is also using an Asus EEE with Gentoo instead of the default Xandros operating system, feel free to use the binary package repository that I have set up here .

I'm going to try my best to put together some documentation about how I arrange my EEE PC, providing /etc/portage/{package,savedconfig}*, /etc/make.conf, /etc/init.d/portage_squashfs, etc. Although right now the documentation will probably consist of a static html page with links to the Gentoo Wiki and other places.

My eventual plans for the EEE are to get a full-blown GRP (Gentoo Reference Platform) set up on it, to create a stage4 for Geeentoo, and then of course to do hardware modifications :)

Planned modifications include:
Maybe I'll turn the static html page into some kind of RSS feed just to make people's lives easier.

In any event - stay posted!!

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